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You can expect to have loads of sweet and sensual romantic time with him. He might have occasional few outbursts, but he would never like to hurt you, and would really feel bad and guilty if he accidently does. Traits you wish your libra man never had libra man in love changes his mind too fast.   libra is highly balanced, who is also wise, fair and smart. They are peace-loving people, who are level headed, honest and diplomatic. Libra man a man born in the zodiac sign of libra is an incorrigible romantic. Governed by venus, a libra man possesses a very keen sense of beauty and love. Libra men are ruled by venus and hence they possess a secret love ally. As a libra in love, you are all about romance and the beauty of love. You are devilishly charming, very responsive, and socially confident. Libra woman has a natural fondness for fairness, equality and justice. You will seldom find your libra wife in wild, heated arguments with you. Conflict makes her uncomfortable and she tries to escape it as much as she can. Libra natives are known for their good taste, harmony, equality, elegance, and charm. You carefully analyze the pros and cons before making a decision. Libra man shares the category of the most equitable and fair signs in the zodiac. As we continue to pave the way for a fall season, we cant forget to prepare for the libras sign birthday. The libra tends to be extremely skeptical by nature choosing to analyze things objectively and come to their own conclusions rather than rely on the gossip of others. They like to see something with their own eyes before they believe it to be true. Libra is a smooth negotiator who is able to talk people out of doing dumb things. The libra man is an excellent team player and will easily boost the groups morale, but his indecisive nature does not make him the best choice for leader. This man is almost unlimited in his choice of vocations, but would do best as a lawyer, banker, social worker, mediator, landscaper, counselor, or even interior decorator. Ruled by venus, this earthy sign is level-headed and peaceful in nature. Libra moon sign man are no deviation from the intrinsic characteristic of venus, and are thus blessed with a charming and attractive personality.

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